Want to know everything about Remembr? You're in the right place. In this guide, we'll explain in detail some of Remembr's most important features.

Centralize information in Remembr

Information is the backbone of any contact management. Remembr makes day-to-day management easier, making it easy and efficient as if you had flawless memory. Remembr is an NRM in which you centralize all your contacts and information, enrich and exploit it so you don't forget anything and optimize the actions to follow.


Your contacts represent the heart of Remembr. The entire platform is built around your contacts to increase your knowledge of each of them and facilitate your day-to-day management.

  • Contacts can be imported into Remembr in a variety of ways (from different sources such as Google contacts, Apple contacts or Outlook, from a business card scan, from an excel file or from LinkedIn with the Remembr plugin)
  • Contacts can be enriched with multiple items such as notes, reminders, events, email exchanges, documents and tags. You can create as many as you like for each of your contacts.

🖊️ Notes

Notes are perfect for remembering a conversion or important information about a contact. Notes can be:

  • More information by associating it with one or more contacts
  • Essential information support with the addition of documents
  • A way to remember important information about a contact by adding a reminder
  • A quick and easy tool to plan actions to follow

With the notes, you will always know where you met a person, in what context, who put you in touch, the outlines of your exchanges, the actions to follow, the potential synergies to create, etc.

🗓️ The Calendar

The Remembr calendar allows you to organize your schedule by including your contact management. You'll find reminders of your notes and events associated with or not associated with your contacts. You can also sync events in your phone calendar to get a cross-sectional view of upcoming events.

Incorporate your current contact management into Remembr

Sources of Contacts

Centralize your existing contacts at Remembr

  • Google Contacts
  • Apple Contacts
  • Outlook Contacts

👴 The Excel import of the Remembr web platform

If you're used to managing your contacts on Excel, stop right away and use a tool that's right for contact management. To keep it from scratch and make the transition easier, you can import your Excel contact file by selecting the columns to import into Remembr.

Contact Import from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an essential tool to develop its network, but it is not suitable for a personalized and private management of its contacts. Remembr invites you to import value-added LinkedIn contacts into Remembr with its Chrome extension. The extension will allow you to create a contact, enrich and view the information of a Remembr contact directly from the LinkedIn profile of the contact in question.

Just find all your contact information

🏷️ Tags

Tag management is an effective way to categorize contacts. Just organize yourself by adding one or more tags to your contacts. In the blink of an eye, you will be able to qualify your contacts and your interlocutors to optimize your actions.


Search is the way you can sort out the information and quickly find what you need. Look for your contacts, notes and events as well as your tags.

💌 Emails

The centralization of your email exchanges within your Remembr contact sheets are a great way to quickly access your latest email interactions. You will have access to the latest emails sent and received to have the latest information always to hand.

Notifications with the Remembr app

Get notifications of your notes and events on the Remembr mobile app. Don't miss out on an action or important information. Note reminders and events allow you to free your mind from daily management actions. Remembr will be there to remind you on time, at the best time for ever more proactive management.

A secure contact management environment

At Remembr, we take safety very seriously. We use Remembr just as much as you do. We want to ensure the confidentiality of the information embedded in Remembr in accordance with the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulations) with a layer of security by encrypting the data.

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