Remembr is an NRM, Network Relationship Manager. It's a contact management platform that allows you to centralize, enrich and leverage contact information in your network. Manage every day contact with the actions to follow from your office or on the go with Remembr Web – Mobile, alone and as a work team.

Key features

😎Centralize your contacts

In Remembr, everything is organized around your contacts. You can create contacts very simply without starting from scratch by synchronizing your usual contact managers such as Google, Apple or Outlook. You can also import other sources of contact with an excel import, with the Remembr plugin from LinkedIn or by scanning your business cards.

💡 Enrich your contact information

Match items to each of your contacts such as notes, reminders, events, tags, documents and emails. You'll always know where you've met a contact, the important information about it and what to do to create synergies.

🤸 Just organize yourself

Simplify your contact management with tags, search, calendar and the Remembr plugin to get an overview of your network of contacts and actions to follow so you never miss an opportunity.

Your Remembr management space

Remembr is available on a computer, tablet and smartphone with its web platform and mobile app. This multi-platform solution lets you manage your network of contacts in the office and on the go. More optimized than your phone address book and more specialized than social networks like LinkedIn, Remembr is an NRM, Network Relationship Manager to manage your network contacts and always have the right information at the right time about the right person. Learn more about NRM

🦁 Remembr package rate

Remembr is free for basic and individual management of your contacts. This first offers access to the web platform and mobile application. You'll find basic features such as combining notes and events with your contacts, organizing contacts by tag and managing actions to follow with calendar reminders.

For people who want to simplify their day-to-day management and increase the relevance of their network knowledge, our Expert package allows access to the Remembr plugin to import your contact information from LinkedIn and import a large number Remembr with the import of an Excel file. With Excel export you will be able to process your contact data outside of Remembr.

For work teams and small businesses, our Team and Enterprise packages offer you the opportunity to evolve in a collaborative contact management environment. Workspaces allow you to share (completely or partially) your contact information within the work team. These packages also allow you to centralize your email exchanges by contacts, add attachments to your notes and access APIs to automate your actions with external tools. Learn more

💁 Training and Assistance

Want to know more? The following resources will allow you to continue your learning:

  • Our blog is full of detailed articles that will help you learn more about Remembr and its features. You'll also find tips and advice on how to improve your contact management and networking.
  • Our team is also available by email to accompany you and answer your questions at the following email address: hello@remembr-app.com

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