Today, the network is more than ever generating opportunities. Networks are multiplying, relationships and meetings are also multiplying. If we assume that every meeting is a potential opportunity, then we have to qualify these meetings and organize ourselves so as not to miss any opportunity. This is where the NRM, or Network Relationship Manager, comes in.

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A Network Relationship Manager is like a CRM but only composed of the features necessary to develop its relational network. In other words, an NRM is a CRM without all the ancillary and customer-oriented features

NRM – CRM – Network

  • NRM: Network Relationship Management or network management tool
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management or customer relationship management tool

NRMs save you time and productivity by mastering network development without wasting time on value-added tasks. At a time when the network is more essential than ever, an NRM gives you the means to create, manage, maintain, develop and secure your network so you never miss an opportunity.

Combine the benefits of a CRM with those of your network. The benefits of an NRM are numerous and make your day-to-day business easier.

Network Relationship Manager

They allow:

  • Centralize all your contacts, information and exchanges
  • Make the content of your exchanges usable
  • Organize your actions to follow 
  • Qualify and manage your opportunities 

With your NRM, developing your network has never been easier.

  • Find all your information in one place
  • Prepare your calls and appointments easily
  • Organize your network management and tracking activities
  • Thank your contacts and take full advantage of the contacts
  • Develop your relational intelligence by knowing your contacts
  • Manage every opportunity perfectly (dates and content of trades, parts sent, next planned actions)
  • Constantly strengthen the strength of the link with each caller

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