If you want to learn more about Remembr's plans and features, you're in the right place. You'll find out everything you need to know about Remembr Beginner, Remembr Expert, Remembr Team and Remembr Enterprise offers.

Get Remembr for free

Remembr is a web and mobile NRM to manage your network contacts alone and as a team. Remembr will help you throughout your meetings and networking sessions by centralizing all your contacts into one platform to always know each of your contacts. Manage every contact on a daily basis with the actions to follow. Most of Remembr's features are free to give you a management tool that matches your needs with the Remembr Beginner offer.

Web-Mobile Sync
Centralization of contacts (Google, Apple, Outlook)
Note management
Recall management
Event management
Tags management
Sharing contacts
Import Excel contacts 1
Business card scans10

To take the Remembr experience a step further, to save more time and productivity, you can benefit from Remembr Premium packages.

Remembr Premium packages

Remembr Premium is an optimized contact management space that is suitable for entrepreneurs and independents who want to take their management optimization further. You can use Remembr for free with a limited number of features, but if you want to access more features, we have two paid packages: Remembr Expert, Remembr Team and Remembr Enterprise.

Compare different packages and features

Unlimited business card scans
Import Excel contacts
Export Excel contacts
Plugin LinkedIn
Attachment management
Centralization of email exchanges
by contacts
Collaborative workspace
Personalised support service
Commissioning assistance
Specific integrations
Team training

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