Want to save input time by automating your lead generation from a form? Remembr's Typeform API lets you automatically create contacts from a Typeform questionnaire. This article will help you set up the API to connect your Typeform forms to Remembr quickly and simply.

After you create your Typeform account, create your first form. To start, define the questions on your form.

For each field, you need to define what value it corresponds to in Remembr. To do this, click the "Question settings" button.

Create a Typeform form

A settings menu appears. You need to replace the "Question Reference" field with the value you want to find in Remembr.

  • TITLE for civility
  • FIRSTNAME for first name
  • LASTNAME for last name
  • PHONES for phone number
  • EMAILS for email
  • TAGS for a tag
  • TAGS2 for a 2nd tag
  • TAGS3 for a 3rd tag
  • NOTE for a note
  • NOTE2 for a 2nd grade
  • NOTE3 for a 3rd note
  • CURRENT_POSITION for the job
  • WEBSITE for the website
  • INDUSTRY for the industry
  • PHOTO for the photo
  • BIRTH_DATE for date of birth
  • ADDRESS for postal address
  • POSTALCODE for postcode
  • CITY for the city

Be sure to capitalize the references.

Set up a Typeform form

Once you've set up the fields on your form, click the "Connect" tab on the top menu and click "Webhooks" in the second menu. This is where you'll connect your form to Remembr to create contacts automatically.

Add a webhook

Click the "Add a webhook" button. Here Typeform asks you for a URL. You'll find this URL in your Remembr space.

In Remembr, go to the "Settings" settings of the top menu. Select the "APIs and Apps" section in the menu on the left.

APIs and APPs Remembr

This API space allows you to connect Remembr to external tools like Typeform.

In the Typeform box, you can set a tag that will be assigned to each contact created from the Typeform form. To create a tag, simply check the box "Add a tag to the contacts imported with this URL" and set the tag you want. The tag is recommended to facilitate your contact management afterwards. It is by no means mandatory.

Once the tag is set, copy (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) the URL into Typeform.

Add a Webhook

Click the "Save webhook" button. Your form is now linked to Remembr. Each time a person fills out this form, their contact will be created automatically in Remembr.

Be careful to activate your link connection by clicking the "Webhook OFF" button. Your link is well activated when the button is colored with the word "Webhook ON" as in the image below.

Typeform Webhook image

Make sure the system has been properly implemented by testing your form. Click the "View" button at the top right of your screen. Fill out and validate your form.

Go to your Remembr workspace and make sure the contact has been created.

All contacts created from this Typeform API will be created in your personal workspace in Remembr

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