Want to save typing time by automating your email generation for your mailing list? Remembr's Sendinblue API allows you to export your Remembr contacts to a contact list for your email campaigns. This article will help you set up the API to connect your Sendinblue to Remembr quickly and simply.

After you create your Sendinblue account, create a contact list.

Go to the "Contacts" tab on the top menu and the "Lists" tab on the left menu. Click the "Create a New List" button.

Create a Sendinblue list

Once you've created your list, remember the list number (here ID – 2) and click the "Settings" tab on the left menu. Click the "Configure" button on Contact and CRM Attributes.

Create Sendinblie attributes

Create 2 new attributes such as above:

  • FIRSTNAME for first name
  • LASTNAME for last name

Be sure to capitalize the attributes.

Once you've created the two new attributes, click the button at the top right of your screen to reach the settings. Click on the "SMTP – API" tab. This is where you'll connect your Sendinblue account to Remembr to create contacts automatically.

Code API Sendinblue

Copy the apiary v3 key and go to Remembr's "Settings" settings (top menu). Select the "APIs and Apps" section in the menu on the left.

API Sendinblue de Remembr

This API space allows you to connect Remembr to external tools like Sendinblue.

In the Sendinblue box, you'll find the link space to stick (Ctrl-V). Above this space, write the ID number of the list you have previously created. In my case, ID 2. This means that Remembr contacts will be created in this list.

Click the "Save info" button to finish the setup.

Make sure the system has been properly implemented by testing going on a contact card in your Remembr. Click the "APIs" button at the top right of your screen and then on "Export to Sendinblue."

Remembr contact sheet

Go to your Sendinblue list and make sure the contact has been created.

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