Remembr is an NRM, Network Relationship Manager to manage your network's contacts on a daily basis individually and as a work team. First, you need to centralize your contacts from different sources. After that, you'll need to enrich your contact information to the fullest to make it work quickly and simply on a daily basis.

In this article, we'll first see how to enrich your contact information with notes, events and then how to optimize your management through tags.

After centralizing your contacts from your different sources, it is important to enrich each of them with information to qualify your contacts. You will always be able to know where you met this person, what you talked about with professional and personal information but also what actions to follow, potential relationships and synergies to create.

Enrich ingest ingemost contact information with notes

Create a note

Notes are the elements that allow you to enrich your contacts with the most personalized information, to have a record of your exchanges and the history of your relationship with the person. Notes offer you many possibilities:

  • Associate a note with one or more contacts
  • Join attachments
  • Add a reminder to remember information
  • Define a title and important elements in the body of the note

With well-completed notes, the possibilities for personalizing information is almost endless. Here are some examples of information you can write in your notes:

  • Context of the first meeting
  • The outlines of a conversation
  • A meeting report
  • Actions to follow or to be taken with a reminder
  • A global view of the professional situation with the issues and issues, aspirations and objectives of the person
  • A summary of the personal situation with the family situation, the name of the spouse and children, leisure, the place of holidays, etc.

Enrich your event contact information

Create an event

Compared to the ratings, events are the elements that allow you to track your actions to be carried out. There are several ways to customize your events:

  • Link an event to one or more contacts
  • Set a reminder to be notified in advance of the approach to the event
  • Choose a start and end date for the event
  • Set a title and description of the event
  • Specify a venue for the event
  • Qualify the nature of the event by a wording and colour

That's why with well-completed events, you'll have an extremely complete follow-up of the actions you've taken. You can customize them as you wish. For inspiration, here are the most common event qualification lists:

  • Meeting
  • to have lunch
  • Event
  • Connecting
  • Phone call
  • Task to be done
  • Differentiating business and personal events through color code

Optimize your management through tags

Create a tag

Tags are essential in the organization of its contact management. They qualify each of his contacts.

First, be aware that Remembr creates certain tags automatically to offer you a minimum level of qualification of your contacts especially on its origin. So if you import a contact from an Excel file, it will automatically have an "Import from Excel" tag to tell you where the contact is coming from.

Plus, you can create as many tags as you like to create the most qualified and personalized management environment possible. Here are some examples of possible qualifications:

  • Sales cycle (Prospect, Opportunity, Customer)
  • Nature of contact (Personal, Professional)
  • Type of contact (Customer, Partner, Supplier)
  • Contact network (Entrepreneur Network, Moovjee, Station F)

On top of that, you can qualify them individually from their contact card or qualify them by multiple selection. There are several ways to qualify multiple selection contacts:

  • During an Excel import by setting a tag that will be assigned to each imported contact
  • With multiple selection in the contact list and clicking the "Add a tag" button

As a result, a good qualification of your contacts through tags will save you valuable time in the exploitation of your data.

For example, you can search for the tag "Prospect" in your contact list. All contacts with this tag will appear in your search results. You can then select them all and export them to an Excel file or add them to a collaborative workspace so your salespeople can work on a list to call contacts.

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