Dylan Teixeira is a young serial entrepreneur with an unusual background. Now at the helm of three Tech companies, he continues to excel by learning and creating every day.

A most atypical journey

Self-taught in computer development, Dylan discovered this world at a very young age when he started developing at the age of 12. From websites, games, bots, mobile applications, Dylan learns to master basic languages between two days of school.

After a bachelor's degree in ES, Dylan first turned to a bachelor's degree in computer science. Thirsty for discovery and a desire for emancipation, he enlisted in the gendarmerie where, after training, he joined the motorized platoon of Durtal, Maine and Loire (49). This military experience develops his sense of team and confirms his desire to live a life of conviction.

It was in his spare time that he began to create and publish mobile apps on Google Play and Apple Store. His upstream work consisted of looking for potential niches and then ensuring the development, design and publication of his mobile applications, he finally started with the theme of general culture and now has more than twenty mobile apps published. Its main application is a great success and has been downloaded more than 600,000 times.

This love for his first passion of IT development and his attraction to the startup ecosystem drives him to leave the military to start his business in Tech. But Dylan knows it; To start a business, you need business skills.

At the age of 21, Dylan Teixeira resumed his studies and completed a BTS Management of Commercial Units. Hosted by the company La Compagnie Du Lit, he took a two-year course alternating. He comes out with his BTS in his pocket.

Dylan Teixeira, the birth of a serial entrepreneur

In addition to his BTS, Dylan created his first company KoopLib: a platform for managing planning and making appointments online for hairdressers and barbers. It currently receives close to several hundred bookings per day. Initially founded with a partner, he quickly continued the adventure alone by ensuring the technical development, financial management, but also the commercial development of the platform with the help of a trusted partner, the hairdressing group Leturgy.

After his BTS, Dylan met Grégoire Chantegrel and Alex Lamy, with whom he teamed up to create a new company, Shareone. Conscious of the preparation of his future, he made the choice to continue his studies. He then passed competitions to join a business school and continue his studies in Bachelor.

Dylan Teixeira joins ISTEC in September 2018 to take part in the Bachelor ISTEC digital and alternating communication program. Alternate that he realizes in the last company he co-founded, Shareone. He then became an alternating partner, co-founder and CTO of the company. In October 2018, Dylan and his two partners released their first product, Remembr. This SaaS software, intended for startups and work teams, is the 1st NRM (Network Relationship Manager).

Learn more about what an NRM is.

A young man with multiple caps, Dylan never stops. Self-taught in computer development, marketing, design and commerce, all in parallel with his studies, only the future will tell us what Dylan has in store for us.

His advice, read many books on topics that you are passionate about and interested in. Listen to podcasts by training online. Create, test, surround yourself and you'll be richer every day.

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