The Remembr app for iOS lets you manage your contacts even when you're not in the office. Download the app to access your contacts, notes and events and get mobile notifications on your iPhone and iPad.

Step 1: Download the Remembr app

  1. Find Remembr on the App Store.
  2. Tap Get to start the download.
  3.  Tap Open in the App Store, or tap the Remembr icon on your device.
Logo Remembr

Step 2: Connecting to your contact management space

Once you've installed the Remembr app, you can create contacts, notes, events, centralize your email exchanges, and attach attachments to your contact sheets. You'll have access to all of your contacts and their information directly from your pocket no matter where you are. You'll receive notifications of your events and reminders so you never miss your raises.

Download the Remembr app for iOS

Step 3: Scan your business cards

Scan business card

Remembr's iOS app lets you make a one-click contact with the business card scan.

Unprecedented time savings in the management of business cards.

Learn how to better manage your contacts at events.

Download the Remembr app for iOS

Note: The Remembr mobile app lets you view notes, events and reminders. However, it does not allow you to import contacts from LinkedIn, import contacts from an excel file, merge contacts into duplicates, or view emails exchanged with your contacts. Discover the full potential of Remembr

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